Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Countdown Begins...

I have three days of physically having to be at school for working in the computer lab. Thursday night is my final exam in my Marketing 555 class which is my last exam at ULL ever!

Next week, I'll be sorting through everything in my house. I'll be tossing out things I don't need, packing things I do need, and shipping books to Alex's parent's house. It's all "happening" slowly but surely and yet it doesn't really feel like I'm moving away from Louisiana. Perhaps I'll feel differently when I've been up there for a few weeks and haven't come back to Louisiana like Linda said. Maybe that's when it will hit me. I am super excited though. I can't wait until Alex and I find our own apartment and have decent jobs.

I'm still writing my thesis. Dr. Dinu said that I should have it finished and edited by May 13 and that I'll defend it on May 20. These next few weeks are going to be... shall we say a bit hectic?

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