Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Callin' Baton Rouge

These past few days in Baton Rouge have been lots of fun. Alex and I helped Trevor and Angela move into their new duplex over in the garden district. It's a really cute area. I've gotten a good chunk of work done on my thesis. Alex and I took a midnight walk around the LSU lakes. It was tons of fun and very sweet.

Last night we went on a double date with Trevor and Angela. We went to sushi and then putt putt golf at Celebration Station. We arrived about 15 minutes before they closed at 9p.m. They let us pay, gave us balls and golf clubs anyway. At 9:30p.m., with two or three groups of people still on the courses, they shut off the lights. We played in the dark until Alex pulled out his phone that has a flashlight application. Yes, we played putt putt golf in the dark with a flashlight from a cell phone. After we were finished, we tried going back into the building to leave... THEY LOCKED US OUT! We all had to jump the fence to get into the parking lot where our cars were at. It was an adventure for sure. Trevor said "This is the beginning to a scary movie". I was half expecting some random guy to pop out of the bushes and kill us. lol I'm paranoid like that when it comes to scary situations.

Only a few more days left in Louisiana...

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