Wednesday, July 14, 2010

effing ridiculous!

Apparently I make people feel like:

-I'm better than them
-They're idiots
-I'm a control freak

When someone tells me that they're sick or something is wrong with their life, I automatically go into problem solving mode. It's not for ANY of the above reasons. I've never thought anyone was stupid or that I was better than them. I give advice when you tell me your problems because I want to help and make you feel better or help out what's going on with your situation. It's this whole "Momma bear" type of thing that's in me. I don't mean to make anyone feel like this whenever I give out advice. Here's the thing... if you don't want my advice, then don't tell me about your problems! Simple as that! Or say... "I know you want to help with things Allison, but please do not give me your advice unless I ask for it". What am I supposed to do? You tell me your problems about something and I'm supposed to just sit there and say "oh that sucks for you"?!?! Seriously?!

I will no longer voice my opinion to those who have said that I'm a control freak or that I lecture too often. So, so, SO sorry that I gave a crap and wanted to help out my friends! I'm sick of this b.s. I'm not a bad person. All I want is for my friends to be happy. Ugh!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

6 Month Anniversary

It was amazing!

We made pancakes in the morning. I burned the first two sadly but Alex took over from there. He made them just right. We slathered them with butter and syrup while watching t.v.

He took me ice skating! I wish we would've had a camera with us! It was SO cute watching him skate! He's not exactly the best skater, but he tried and it was really sweet of him to take me there.

We went home, got showered and dressed up. He took me to Bistro Byronz for dinner. It's a really cute/intimate restaurant with really yummy food! When we clinked our wine glasses in cheers to the occasion, he said "here's to another six months!" :-) I could've just swoon right there when he said that.

Then he took me to Marble Slab Creamery for some delicious ice cream! We went home to watch episodes of Felicity and eat our ice cream.

It was a PERFECT evening!

He gave me a really pretty necklace and flowers. I gave him a card, a cute little elephant statue (special meaning between us for that one), and I cross stitched the word love with hearts in a little picture frame.

I love Alex so much! He makes me so happy! Things are pretty serious between us and I love it! I could definitely see myself marrying him. :::knocks on wood:::

Monday, July 5, 2010


Extra long weekend with the boyfriend. I already miss him. Can't wait until this weekend! It's our 6 month anniversary! I told him that I have a really cute dress to wear. He said that I should wear long pants that I don't mind getting dirty for the first part of the date and that I can wear my dress for the second part of the date. Hmmm... wonder what he's got up his sleeve?