Wednesday, May 12, 2010

He keeps saying he's "so proud" of me...

I lied to my father. I don't want him to know that I almost got kicked out of my University. My professor wanted to meet with me a few days ago to discuss my final paper. Apparently, it was too similar to my other paper that I wrote in another class this semester. I'm not going to make any excuses for myself because when I think about it, I did "double-dip". At the time I was writing the two papers, I wasn't thinking about that at all. All of my professors say that you should direct all of your papers in graduate school towards your topic in your final thesis paper. They say to do this so there will be a lot less work to do in the final semester. I used the same theory for both papers. I used the same method for both papers. I analyzed my data in the same way as well. However, the topics were not the same, the literature review (aside from the theory) was not the same, the results section was different, the discussion section was different and the conclusion was different. I got a C in one class (which is near death to any grad student). So, my professor told me that I must write an entirely different paper over the summer in order to complete his class and stay in the graduate school program. THANK YOU BABY JESUS!!! I really wanted to enjoy my summer vacation but I'd rather do the research and writing of a paper all over again instead of getting thrown out of school. Nothing's ever easy... but at least I now know what "double dipping" is. My professor said that he could not give me an A because that wouldn't be fair to the other students which is understandable. I would've had an A if this wouldn't have happened. UGH! Hopefully I can do amazing on the paper and get a B or possibly a C. The department's website says that after three C's, you are kicked out of the program. So... I must bust ass for the remainder of my time in graduate school. I just need to learn better time management skills and stop procrastinating with t.v. watching and playing on the internet.

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